January 26th, 2011

If you’re interested in volunteering (not performing), please contact AJ at the cafe in person or through [email protected].  We’re having trouble replying to email addresses hosted by WOW.  If you have an email address please use another service (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.) if you expect a response by email, or include your phone number in your application.  If you are under the age of 16 please click here.


First, read the stage rules, then print out a Performer Agreement (PDF, Doc). Return promptly via mail, email or personal delivery to:

Assembly Line Concert Booking
c/o AJ’s Music Cafe
240 W. Nine Mile
Ferrnale, MI 48220

Each of the 15 days will have a general theme. Please note that this is a 24 hour event. Some of you will be playing at 4 AM in the morning.  Some of you will be playing 4 PM in the evening. If you must (due to work) perform at a certain time of day, please specify.

Sets are booked in 1 hour increments.  Bands performing during daytime hours will generally be assigned one set during the day or evening hours on days they wish to perform.  Bands playing at night can choose to accept multiple hour timeslots. Solo performers are encouraged to join up with other performers to meet our 1 hour set requirement. We will, when possible, try to group together such performers in the same time slot.

Some musical instruments will be provided for you.  We want you to basically plug in and play.  Minimizing dead air time is critical.

A Green Room is situated right behind the performance stage, where the upcoming act ( because you are here an hour before your shift time!) can warm up, have a cup of joe or a spot of tea, relax, unwind, get ready and take it all in. You’re part of a WORLD RECORD attempt and your on the hometown team! Take a bow, you deserve it! 

Official Rules From Guinness World Records revised February 2, 2010

Additional house rules here

1.  As this is a concert, all audience members must have a ticket. Free or open-air recitals are acceptable, but tickets must still be issued.

2.  Recognizable tunes, played to a reasonable standard, must be played throughout the attempt. (Simply Guinness does not want musicians going on stage to sing or play without form.)  Original songs may be performed as long as it is considered an actual tune.  NO singing in gibberish.

3.   Apart from pauses lasting no more than 30 seconds between tunes, play must be continuous.

4.  Standard instruments, of the type that would normally be used in a band or orchestra, must be used. No ‘self-playing’ instruments, such as electric keyboards, may play solos at any time during the attempt.

5.   Each piece of music must last at least two minutes.

6.  No piece of music may be repeated in performance within four hours. A play list of all the tunes performed must be maintained.

7.   The concert timing begins with the start of the first performance.

8.  All those taking part must properly rehearse the work beforehand.

9.   There must be a break of no more than 5 minutes between acts.

10.   All performers must be of a proficient standard.

11.   The artists may perform for as long as they like, but may not return to the stage again for an hour after they finish their set.

12.  Important Rule: No person under the age of 16 may attempt this record. Persons aged between 16 and 18 must be in possession of a document signed by their parent or legal guardian, giving them permission to compete. This must be added to the log book and witnessed before the attempt has started.

Age Restrictions

Last year Guinness restricted performers under the age of 16. We have tried every avenue to change this rule, however Guinness has not budged on the issue. We had plenty of amazing performers in 2009 under 16. We don’t want the youth of our community ruled out. While you may not be able to participate in the actual Assembly Line Concert, we could use your help in a big way. The night before the big event we’ll be hosting a Black Tie Gala as a fundraiser for the Assembly Line Concert III: Operation Give-Back.

We would like to showcase the talent of the young people of our area. To register your band simply contact [email protected].

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