So, you want to perform

First, read the stage rules, then print out and mail in a signup sheet for your act.

It's really pretty simple. Send us an email at with a description of your band, a few links to your music and your phone number. Specify which days between March 20 and March 30 that you would be available.

Each of the 10 days will have a general theme. Please note that this is a 24 hour event. Some of you will be playing at 4 AM in the morning. Some of you will be playing 4 PM in the evening. If you must (due to work) perform at a certain time of day, please specify.

Sets during the daytime will be roughly 55 minutes long. Some sets with special arrangements can be half hour sets. Nighttime sets can be several hours long. Regardless of when and for how long, you must prepare more material than you can use since there must be no more than 5 minutes of dead air per hour.

Some musical instruments will be provided for you. We want you to basically plug in and play. Minimizing dead air time is critical.

A heated tent will be available out back for nonmusical acts wishing to contribute to this event. Such acts are not part of the record attempt itself, but are nonetheless appreciated.

Official Rules From Guinness World Records

Additional house rules here

  1. The concert begins with the start of the first performance. All those taking part must properly rehearse the work beforehand.
  2. There must be a break of no more than 5 minutes between acts.
  3. All performers should be of a proficient standard.
  4. Standard instruments, of the type that would normally be used in a band/orchestra, must be used. No 'self-playing' instruments, such as electric keyboards,may play solos at any time during the attempt.
  5. More than one stage is permitted to aid handover between artists, but only one artist may play at any one time.
  6. A list of the songs/tunes performed and the artists performing them should be provided.
  7. Each performance must last at least two minutes.
  8. The people who sign the witness statements should attend at the beginning, some stage during and, at the end of the concert (see below).
  9. Two people, who must enter the time that they begin watching and stop watching,should cover each period of observation.
  10. A count of the groups/soloists taking part must be taken during the event, by some accurate method of counting. This is essential and must be done efficiently.
  11. The artists may perform more than one song if they wish, and return to the stage for another rendition, but they are only to be counted once.
  12. The name of the organisation, company or person(s) organising the attempt should be given, along with the date and place.