So, you want to be a part of the concert, movement, revolution...?

You can donate money, perform at our show, accept our card at your business, use our card at participating businesses.

If you would like to sponsor the concert itself, you can sponsor in kind (tents, tables, exhibits, etc.) or by buying advertising at the concert.

We're planning to have a few walls covered with banners covered with ads/messages/names/whatever you want. You can buy space on those walls from this page at the rate of $50 per square foot.

This may seem like much, but it's really not... $5 per square foot per day in an event that will be nationally covered. Buy as many square feet as you need and send us a photoready image of your logo. Anything G-rated goes. Our graphics artists/printers will take your logo and put it in the banners that will be prominently hung around the cafe for the 10 day duration of the concert.

Printing will be by Great Wall Custom Coverings, a local Ferndale business.